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Stroke Center

The Department of Health designates Stroke Centers statewide to improve the standard of quality and access to care for patients with a presumptive diagnosis of stroke. The Emergency Medical Services community plays an important role in the implementation of these Stroke Centers, as it also does with state-designated Trauma Centers.

The Bureau of Emergency Medical Services (EMS), in collaboration with the DOH State Hospital Review and Planning Council, maintains a list of currently approved NYS DOH Designated Stroke Centers. The Stroke Centers are also tasked with the obligation of communicating with the EMS community their new designation as a Stroke Center, and with conducting and supporting EMS Continuing Medical Education with regard to stroke. The Regional EMS Council serving your county will also play a role in Stroke Center education and implementation, and general communications with EMS agencies with regard to new Stroke Centers in your area.

The current Stroke Protocol can be found by visiting NYS BLS Stroke Protocol. The new protocol replaces all previous versions of the Stroke Protocol. The first two pages of this new protocol are a cover letter with further information pertaining to the protocol and its implementation.

See all state-designated Stroke Centers.

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