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Maternity Information

New York State's Maternity Information Law requires each hospital to provide the following information about its childbirth practices and procedures. This information can help you to better understand what you can expect, learn more about your childbirth choices, and plan for your baby's birth. Data shown are for 2012. For more information please see the Maternity Information Brochure.

All births

InterventionThis FacilityStatewide
Total births 363100.0%n/a
Forceps delivery 00.0%0.4%
Low/outlet forceps delivery 00.0%0.2%
Mid forceps delivery 00.0%0.0%
Internal fetal monitoring 10.3%8.4%
External fetal monitoring 36099.2%90.0%
Induction by artificial rupture of membranes 4311.8%11.1%
Induction by medicine 6818.7%17.4%
Augmented labor 9125.1%20.1%
Analgesia 18551.0%40.6%
Attended by midwife 10930.0%9.5%

Vaginal births

InterventionThis FacilityStatewide
Vaginal births 23464.5%65.9%
Vaginal birth after prior cesarean 00.0%11.3%
Breech births delivered vaginally 10.3%0.2%
Episiotomy 4418.8%15.2%
General anesthesia 00.0%0.4%
Spinal anesthesia 00.0%5.5%
Epidural anesthesia 10042.7%59.1%
Local/other anesthesia 4017.1%12.1%
Paracervical anesthesia 00.0%0.0%
Pudendal anesthesia 00.0%0.1%

Cesarean births

InterventionThis FacilityStatewide
Cesarean births 12935.5%34.1%
Primary cesarean 6718.5%20.5%
Repeat cesarean 6217.1%13.6%
General anesthesia 53.9%4.4%
Spinal anesthesia 11892.2%67.5%
Epidural/local anesthesia 64.7%26.8%


Infant Feeding Method1This FacilityStatewide
Fed any breast milk 21860.7%83.8%
Fed exclusively breast milk 18651.8%40.6%
Breastfed Infants Supplemented with Formula2 3214.7%51.6%

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