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This table shows the number of medical and surgical procedures performed on an in-patient (In) basis. Data are from January 2010 through December 2010. Click on a procedure category to expand it for a more detailed view (if a category is already expanded, click on its name to collapse it again).

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Procedure: [view full list]In1
Miscellaneous diagnostic and therapeutic procedures18,188
Obstetrical procedures6,008
Operations on the cardiovascular system1,570
Operations on the digestive system2,270
Operations on the ear2
Operations on the endocrine system6
Operations on the eye15
Operations on the female genital organs988
Repair of cystocele and rectocele; obliteration of vaginal vault50
Ligation of fallopian tubes172
Hysterectomy; abdominal and vaginal279
Operations on the hemic and lymphatic system106
Operations on the male genital organs1,235
Operations on the musculoskeletal system648
Operations on the nervous system173
Operations on the nose; mouth; and throat29
Operations on the respiratory system430
Operations on the skin496
Operations on the urinary system398

1In-patient procedures

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