Westfield Memorial Hospital Inc

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Hospital Contact

Westfield Memorial Hospital Inc
189 E Main Street
Westfield, NY 14787
Tel: 716-326-4921
Web: www.wmhinc.org

NYSDOH Operating certificate #0632000H
NYSDOH regional office: Western NY - Buffalo

This facility must offer services and discounts to financially eligible residents of Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, and Erie counties.

To learn more about financial aid policies, please read Understanding Your Financial Aid Rights

This hospital is a member of the following hospital system(s): Saint Vincent Health System, Erie, PA.

Quality Measures [see all performance data]

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Miscellaneous diagnostic and therapeutic procedures0
Obstetrical procedures0
Operations on the cardiovascular system0
Operations on the digestive system0
Operations on the ear0

1In-patient procedures

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Available Care

Ambulatory Surgery - Multi Speciality, Clinic Part Time Services, Clinical Laboratory Service, Coronary Care, CT Scanner...

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Number of beds: 4

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